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little song bird
beth_soprano wrote in sga_minor_daily

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I really love Lorne, but there was too little of him and too much of Ford....I realize he came after Ford, but still.......he was XO of the Atlantis military expedition.......
Thanks for posting a pix of him.

My thoughts exactly, I would've loved to have seen more of Lorne because I like him a lot as well. I think probably the reason he wasn't in it as much was maybe because of The 4400 cause I think he was doing that around the same time as SGA, I could be wrong though and it could've been another reason. But yeah I would've liked to have seen more Lorne, and maybe learned more about him.

Another person with excellent taste.
I always love seeing him in an episode and his snarky
remarks to McKay are particularly satisfying to me...
In Search and Rescue, I would almost have wished to be rescued by Wraith than be sequestered with McKay......

I don't remember Search and Rescue, not all of it anyway, will have to re-watch at some point. I'm currently going through S3 again properly, but I'll have to get S4.

And my favourite Lorne comment was in Runner when Rodney says he'll have to forgo reproducing and Lorne reples '' Yeah I was just thinking that might be wise '' so funny.

'' Yeah I was just thinking that might be wise ''

Concur..............and don't forget the sunscreen

The sunscreen bit was in Runner as well, but I love that too, and when John pairs Lorne and Rodney together and Lorne goes 'Oh lucky me' but I loved the look on John's face.

Yes, and it was what made me love Lorne even more........
It was just too much and how McKay was asking him about training.........

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